Irrespective of how much discount you offer on your products, potential customers often try to delay their buying decision. It happens because they think the offer is going to last for some days, therefore they wait for a further price drop.

With Automizely Page Builder, you can add a countdown timer to create urgency for prospects so that they can make quick purchase decisions.

⏰ Steps to add a countdown timer

Go to your Automizely Page Builder account’s dashboard > Choose the page for which you want to add a countdown timer

After selecting the page, switch to the ‘Content’ tab and click on the ‘Add section’ > choose ‘Countdown timer’

Now, you will see different yet self-explanatory sections — ‘Layout,’ ‘Text,’ ‘Timer,’ and ‘Color’ — so enter details as per your preference

If you're using our new editor for page creation, you just need to set the settings for ‘Timer’** and ‘Color’ 😄.

Once you are done with adding a countdown timer, check the ‘Settings’ and ‘Style’ tabs to verify everything is set as expected. And then hit the ‘Save and publish’ button to finish the procedure

In case you need any help, please connect with our chat support team right away
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