Showcasing your offerings in an eye-catching manner is one of the best business practices to increase sales growth. Store visitors often make a purchase decision when they get impressed with collection pages. In some ideal scenarios, they even recommend your store to others as well.

With the help of Automizely Page Builder, you can make your collection pages tempting with the utmost ease and drive sales effortlessly. Let’s learn how to do it:

👨‍💻 Steps to create collection pages with Automizely Page Builder

Make sure your store is connected with Automizely Page Builder. In case you don’t know how to do it, make use of this help article.
Go to the ‘Collection pages’ section

Choose any one from the given templates for a head start. Otherwise, you can begin with a blank page as well.

Moving forward, you will see three tabs: Settings, Content, and Style

We recommend making changes in this order: Content > Style > Settings. It will help you launch your collection page quickly :)
The ‘Content’ tab offers you 11 blocks to make your collection page attention-grabbing and informative. Those blocks are: 'Default collection details,' 'Image with text,' 'Image,' 'Text,' 'Product list,' 'Image with text overlay,' 'Text columns with images,' 'Form,' 'Product detail,' 'Button,' 'Image gallery,' and 'Social links'

Out of them, the 'Default collection details' block cannot be edited, as it represents your Shopify store's collection page settings. Remaining ones can be edited. Don't know how to do it? Click here.
In the ‘Style’ tab, you can select preferred font and colors regarding ‘Page background,’ ‘Text,’ and ‘Button’ for the better appearance of your collection page

As far as the ‘Settings’ tab is concerned, give your collection page a title, decide whether you want your changes to be applied to all the collections or specific ones, and customize the URL as per your liking. Once done, change the status from Unpublished to Published

At last, hit the ‘Save’ button to finish the procedure

✍️ Key tips:

Drag and drop to set the order of blocks as per your preference.
Tap on the ‘Trash box’ icon to delete any block you want.
Check the preview to verify your changes at once and then publish your collection page.
In case you switch to any other Shopify theme, you have to publish your collection page again to get your changes reflected.

In case you need any help, drop a message to our chat support team now 👍
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