It has always been frustrating for online business owners to see a significant number of store visitors checking out their products regularly but not making a purchase decision. The reason for this could be anything like store visitors are waiting for a price drop, doing a comparison, looking for an offer, etc.

With Automizely Page Builder, you can easily add a sticky add-to-cart bar to your product pages.

Please make sure that you’re on a paid plan, as this premium feature will be unlocked for you then :)
➡️ Steps to include a sticky add-to-cart bar in product pages

Log in to your Automizely Page Builder account and go to the Conversion tools to access the Sticky add to cart option

First, change the status from Disabled to Enabled

Now, in the Display section, decide whether you want to show the sticky add-to-cart bar on mobile, desktop, or both. Also, choose the Image aspect ratio as per your liking

Scroll down to the Action Buttons section and give your button a name. Choose between Stay on the same page and Go to cart page to decide the behavior of your action button. If you want to show the Shopify dynamic checkout button, click on the second checkbox

Set the colors for your text, sale price, compare at price, button text, button background, and background

Once done, click Save to include a sticky add-to-cart bar in your product pages successfully

🤔 Is it possible to show the sticky add-to-cart bar on particular product pages?

If you want to show sticky add-to-cart bar on some specific product pages, go to your product page created via Automizely Page Builder and look for its Settings

Tap on the radio button given for Specific products and then click Select products. You'll see a list of your products, so choose those on which you want to show the sticky add-to-cart bar.

Please make sure that all your selected products have the 'Active' status in your Shopify admin.
For any help, feel free to contact our chat support team
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