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How to Add Your Landing Pages to Your Shopify Store?


Having riveting landing pages on your online store can do wonders for your business, because they make a positive impression on customers/prospects, help to give the required boost to the ad conversion rate, and so on.

AfterShip Page Builder lets you create appealing landing pages within a couple of minutes to boost your chances of achieving whopping sales figures. Adding such pages to your Shopify store is nothing, but a cakewalk.

Steps to add landing pages to a Shopify store:

Make sure your store is connected with AfterShip Page Builder. In case you don’t know how to do it, this help article is meant to guide you :)
Go to your Shopify store’s ‘Navigation’ section > Decide where you want to show your page (Main menu or Footer menu)

After choosing the desired menu, simply click on the ‘Add menu item’ option

Give your page a name and then choose ‘Pages’ > Hit the ‘Add’ button

Why am I seeing Error 404 while trying to make my page disappear from my Shopify store?

If you are expecting your page to be disappeared after clicking the ‘Unpublish’ button from the dashboard of AfterShip Page Builder, we would like to inform you that this has never been the case.

You and your customers will see Error 404 when you unpublish any of your pages.

The procedure to hide it from the navigation panel of your Shopify store is this:

Go to your Shopify Store’s ‘Pages’ section > Select the page

Now, click on the ‘More actions’ and decide whether you want to hide or delete the chosen page.

For any other queries, connect with our support team now and get satisfactory answers in no time.

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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