Having a dedicated blog section is significant for businesses of all sizes, because well-written write-ups not only promote your offerings effectively but also speak volumes about your brand.

With Automizely Page Builder, you can infuse life to dull-looking blog pages published on your Shopify store. How? Let’s learn without any further ado:

👨‍💻 Steps to create blog pages with Automizely Page Builder

Make sure your store is connected with Automizely Page Builder. In case you don’t know how to do it, make use of this help article.
Go to your Automizely Page Builder account’s ‘Blog post pages’ section

Decide whether you want to use a given template or start with a blank page, although blog templates are highly recommended as they save notable amount of time and effort

Moving forward, you will see three tabs: Settings, Content, and Style

We advise making changes in this order: Content > Style > Settings. It will help you launch your blog page in one go :)
In the ‘Content’ tab, you get 10 blocks to make your blog pages awesome and informative. Those blocks are: 'Image with text,' 'Image,' 'Text,' 'Product list,' 'Form,' 'Button,' 'Image with text overlay,' 'Text columns with images,' 'Image gallery,' and 'Social links'

For in-depth details: Click here

As far as the ‘Style’ tab is concerned, it is all about enhancing the appearance of your blog pages. It lets you choose the font and colors regarding ‘Page background,’ ‘Text,’ and ‘Button’ so that you can give a brand touch to your blog pages

Once you are done with the content and style sections, start making required changes in the ‘Settings’ tab. Give your blog page a name, decide the title, and customize the URL as per your liking. After completing these steps, change the status from Unpublished to Published

At last, hit the ‘Save’ button to finish the procedure

✍️ Key tips:

Drag and drop if you want to play with the order of blocks added in the 'Content' tab
The ‘Trash box’ icon is also there to let you delete any block you want.
Always check the preview to make all the necessary changes at once and then publish your blog page.

👀 Why am I not able to locate my blog page on my Shopify store after publishing it?

Your blog page doesn’t get added automatically to the navigation bar of your Shopify store. Until you don’t add it manually, it will be saved here.

So, go to your Shopify store’s ‘Navigation’ settings and start making changes like this:

👀 What's the ideal way to publish multiple pages under a particular section of my Shopify store?

We've noticed that some users create multiple pages (with wrong settings) via Automizely Page Builder and then expect them to see on their Shopify stores.

The ideal way to publish multiple pages under a particular section is to always keep the same 'Blog name' for all your posts. For ex: If you set the blog name like 'My blogs' for a page 1, you should keep using the same blog name for others as well.

Note: Blog name and Blog title are two different things, so the latter could be anything but the former has to be the same every time.

Once done, proceed in this way:

Navigate to your Shopify store’s ‘Navigation’ settings > Decide whether you want to show your blog posts in the main menu or footer menu > 'Add a menu item' option > Give it a suitable name and choose 'Blogs' option from the dropdown menu to select your blog page for the 'Link' field > Tap on the 'Add' button > Finally, hit the 'Save menu' or 'Save' button to complete the process :)
In case you need any help with the blog pages, drop a message to our chat support team now 👍
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