To encourage shoppers to make quick purchase decisions, Shopify merchants must ensure that their product details carry all the required information and look visually appealing. Unfortunately, Shopify doesn’t give customization options, unlike Automizely Page Builder.

With Automizely Page Builder, you can hide default product details and add new ones to increase GMV significantly.

👨‍💻 Step 1: Hide your default product details

Login to your Automizely Page Builder account > Go to ‘Product pages’

Choose any of the given templates or start with a blank page, though beginning with a template will give you a head start

Now, go to the ‘Default product details’ section mentioned under the ‘Settings’ tab > Select the ‘Hide’ option

In case you want to apply your settings for all products, choose ‘All products’ option of the 'Assign products' section. Otherwise, you can select specific ones by clicking on the ‘Select products’ option

🤓 Step 2: Add personalized product details for your page

Switch from the ‘Settings’ to ‘Content’ tab > Tap on ‘Add section’

Now, a list of content blocks will appear, from which you need to choose the ‘Product detail’ block. To learn about other content blocks, click here

Note that you can add product detail block up to 20 times for each page.
You will see the below-given options, so select according to your preferences:

➡️ Media list: If your product has multiple images, you can show them by enabling this option

➡️ Product description: It’s self-explanatory, as this option lets you decide whether the product description needs to be shown or not

➡️ Action button: You get two options two choose from: 'Add to cart button' and ‘Shopify dynamic checkout button’. If you are going with the first option, give your button a name and decide what should happen once the shopper clicks on the button. In case you want to keep things simple for buyers, choose the second option

Note that you can select/unselect both the options if you want to :)
➡️ Color: It lets you select preferred colors for the sale price and comparison price

🎨 Step 3: Make your product pages compelling by adding awesome colors and fonts

Now, shift from the ‘Content’ to the ‘Style’ tab

Choose the desired font from the ‘Display’ section

Define the colors regarding the page background, text, and buttons in the ‘Colors’ section

Check your settings for all the tabs, and publish your page if you are satisfied with everything you’ve done so far.

In case you are seeking help regarding more fonts, content blocks, or anything else, then please discuss with our chat support team now
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