Designing your online store properly is the best way to ensure an immersive experience for store visitors. And using the right font is important because it brings coherence to your brand identity and improves the user experience.

On Automizely Page Builder, you can easily add the desired font for your created pages.

Please make sure you have your custom font saved in any of these formats: .ttf (or .otf), .woff (or .woff2), .svg, .eot, and .etc.
➡️ Steps to add custom font

Go to your Shopify store’s Themes > Actions and select Edit code

Scroll down to the Assets section and select Add a new asset

Now, a window will pop up and ask you to add your font file. Once done, click on Upload asset

Note: you can only upload multiple font files one by one. Each font file should be less than 2 MB.

After that, look for the theme.automizely.liquid and theme.liquid files in the Layout section

Add the following code right above </head> in both the files. While adding the code, make sure you enter your custom font name and file name (from previous step) with the correct extension in place of FontName and FontName.ttf respectively

@font-face {
  font-family: "FontName";
  src: url({{"FontName.ttf"|asset_url}});

Make sure you Save the code in both the files

All done! You’ll see your added font in the Style section of your pages.

Suggestion: Please wait at least 5 mins to let Automizely Page Builder sync your added font.

If you don’t see your font in your Automizely Page Builder account, you can get help from our chat support team any time
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