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How to Create Collection Pages With AfterShip Page Builder


Showcasing your offerings in an eye-catching manner is one of the best business practices to increase sales growth. Store visitors often make a purchase decision when they get impressed with collection pages. In some ideal scenarios, they even recommend your store to others as well.

With the help of AfterShip Page Builder, you can make your collection pages tempting with the utmost ease and drive sales effortlessly. Let’s learn how to do it:

You can move the default collection detail section if you're using Shopify theme 1.0. However, this is not possible for Shopify theme 2.0 users.

Steps to create collection pages with AfterShip Page Builder

Make sure your store is connected with AfterShip Page Builder. In case you don’t know how to do it, make use of this help article.

Go to the ‘Collection pages’ section

Choose any one from the given templates for a head start. Otherwise, you can begin with a blank page as well.

Finalize the page content

By default, in the old editor, you land on a page where you can add sections to define what content your page should have. All the available sections are easy to use, however, we would like to share details on some. Please check the below info:

The 'Default collection details' one cannot be edited, as it represents your Shopify store's collection page settings.

Remaining ones can be edited. Don't know how to do it? Click here.

Set the page settings

Click Settings and styles placed at the bottom of the left-hand side to set the page settings and style

Enter your page name in the Page info section

Scroll down to the ‘Assign collections’ section and decide whether you want to apply your changes to all products or some specific ones

Set the SEO settings. Check in-depth details here

If you don't want the header and footer to be visible on your product page, choose 'Hide' radio button In the Header and footer section. Otherwise, let it set to the 'Show'

Now explore the options of the ‘Styles’ Tab

This tab is all about enhancing the look of your product page. It lets you select the font and colors regarding ‘Page background,’ ‘Text,’ and ‘Button’

Once you're done with the styling, switch to the mobile preview to check everything is alright.

Once you are satisfied with all of your settings, click 'Save and publish page' to make your page live.

Additional considerations

Drag and drop to set the order of blocks as per your preference.
Tap on the ‘Trash box’ icon to delete any block you want.
Check the preview to verify your changes at once, and then publish your collection page.
In case you switch to any other Shopify theme, you have to publish your collection page again to get your changes reflected.

In case you need any help, drop a message to our chat support team now 👍

Updated on: 09/05/2023

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