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Monitor Data Summary of Your Pages to Improve Business Strategies


AfterShip Page Builder facilitates the process of page creation and offers multiple content blocks to enable Shopify merchants to accomplish business objectives like high sales, more subscribers, etc.

Besides letting you bring freshness to your Shopify pages, it offers crucial insights regarding page performance by showing a data summary.

🤔 What does it mean?

Data summary comprises 3 fields — ‘Visitors,’ ‘Added to cart,’ and ‘Subscribers’ — so that you can understand how well your pages are performing.

Page list summary shows overall performance, while page item summary lets you analyze data of each page for more clarity.

Keep this in mind that data summary gets updated after every hour.
Let’s understand what each field means:

Visitors: It shows the total number of unique visitors your pages have got so far

Added to cart: It signifies the total percentage of page visitors, who have added a product to their cart

Subscribers: It tells you about the total number of page visitors, who have entered their email address to become a subscriber

Note that 'Subscribers' field will not be there in case you have not used the ‘Form’ content block while creating pages.
If you have any doubts on data summary, our chat support team is one message away from you

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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