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Use the New Editor to Create Shopify Pages

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AfterShip Page Builder helps Shopify merchants create different kinds of pages with no effort. We have recently introduced a new editor to make page creation easier, and this help guide will explain how to use it.

Steps to follow

Go to your AfterShip Page Builder account and decide which page you want to create for your Shopify store
There are numerous templates available for each page type which you can use to get a head start or,
If you would like to start from the blank state and create your now design, go to Custom pages > Create new page > Start with a blank page

By default, you’ll see a blank section with the option of Add sections. Click on it to check what pre-built sections we have for you.

a. Under My sections you will find a list of pre-build sections for different elements of the page

- Intro
- Images
- Product lists
- Product details
- About
- Custom section

b. To add any of the section, click Add or click Add a blank section to create your own layout

c. Upon selecting Add a blank section, you will see the blank editor with the option to Add elements. Click on it to open the list of elements.

- Add an element to start building the layout of you page

- Each element comes with a hover editor with a few basic settings such as drag, delete, and copy the element

- You'll see the {element} settings section on the left-hand side as soon as you click on an element's outer rim. Set the settings as per your preference

d. You’ll see the Section settings section on the left-hand side as you click on an section's outer rim to customize the section as per your requirement

- Each section comes with a hover editor with a few basic settings such as drag, delete, and copy the elements

Get detailed information on each element here

Click Add sections to see the section library if you are done with adding elements to a particular section and now want to have a new one

Add a section and customize the section settings as per your liking

You can save your customized sections and use them later when when building a new page or editing an existing one.

Your saved sections will appear under Saved section. Know more about it here.

✍️ Editing tips to remember

If you want to move an element from one section to another, click the drag indicator icon to move it to your preferred section and drop your element. With dragging and dropping, you can easily adjust your page layout. For example, you can create rows and columns as well

If you want to change the order of your added sections, simply click the up arrow (↑) or down arrow (↓) visible in each section
Click the Trash icon to delete an element or a section
Click the Duplicate icon to have a copy of your customized element or section
Click the download icon to save your created section and use it through the section library when creating or editing any other page

Facing issues with our new editor? Get help from our chat support team now

Updated on: 05/10/2023

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