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How to Save Content Blocks to Edit Your Pages Like a Pro

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Creating eye-catching Shopify pages takes time and effort because you have to give your best to enhance the look of your store.

With AfterShip Page Builder, you can save your customized content blocks as sections and use them again for creating new pages or editing existing ones.

Steps to save sections

Go to your AfterShip Page Builder admin and select any page
Click the {...} icon and select Edit

Under the Page content settings, you can a download icon given alongside each page section. Click the download (⤓) icon

Input a name for the section for easy reference in the future and click Save

You can also Save a particular section from the preview section by clicking on the section and selecting the download (⤓) icon

If you want to save a new section, click Add section. Choose the desired content block and set its settings as per your preference. Once done, click the download (⤓) icon to save the section for later use

Where to find saved sections

Upon clicking Add section to add new sections to the page, the first tab will be all the Saved sections you saved/downloaded for later use.

Key information

Maximum characters you can use while entering a section name is 50
After saving a section, if you make any new changes, the saved section won't be updated unless you save it again
If you delete any of your saved sections, they won’t disappear from any pages (if used) unless you manually delete them from the page

For any help, contact our chat support team.

Updated on: 05/10/2023

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