Running an online store has never been easy because shoppers always have questions before and after making a purchase. It keeps you busy where you don’t want to be.

Automizely Page Builder lets you add FAQs during the page creation process so that general queries don’t bother you at any point in time.

Note that FAQs can be added to all pages created via Automizely Page Builder.
👨‍💻 Steps to add FAQs

Go to any of your pages and click on ‘Edit’

In case you haven't created any pages yet, use our given templates now

Click ‘Add section’ and choose ‘FAQs’ from the list of options

In our new editor, please use 'Accordion' element and enter your content to show FAQs. The following steps are written as per the old editor.
You will see two sections ‘Text’ and ‘Blocks’

➡️ Text: It’s all about giving a name like ‘FAQs,’ ‘Frequently Asked Questions,’ etc.
➡️ Blocks: It lets you add questions with answers as much as you want. Just add your question in the ‘Header’ and answer in the ‘Description’ field. You can also add a link if you want to

ICYMI: You can delete your added Q&A blocks by simply tapping on the ‘Trash bin’ icon. Also, you can do drag-and-drop to change the order of your added blocks.

Once you are done, tap on the ‘Save’ button to let your FAQs go live on your page

In case of queries, please have a word with our chat support team
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