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How to use the custom code section of AfterShip Page Builder


AfterShip Page Builder now supports a custom code section to let Shopify store owners add forms created via other apps or make any other changes to their pages. This help guide will explain how to use this new section with an example and provide important notes as well.

Critical information

➡️ You can insert code in these formats: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Liquid

➡️ If you want to use JavaScript or Liquid, save your changes and then update your live page to see the final result

➡️ The code will automatically turn red if you use the wrong code format

Let’s use the example of Mailchimp forms to understand how to use the custom code section of AfterShip Page Builder:

Log in to your Mailchimp account and go to Audience

Choose Signup forms from the dropdown menu and then select Embedded forms

Customize the form options as you like and then click Continue to copy your embedded form code

Log in to your AfterShip Page Builder account and choose the page into which you want to embed your form

Click Add section and select Custom code

The below image is from our old editor.

Click Open code editor and paste your copied code

Click Save and then hit the Save and publish button

For any help, please reach out to our chat support team.

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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