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How to Add YouTube Videos to Pages Created via AfterShip Page Builder

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Videos have always been one of the effective ways to explain how your product works, talk about your brand story, discuss the USPs (unique selling points) of your collections, etc. That's why online store owners add them to their online stores to better engage and interact with customers.

AfterShip Page Builder lets Shopify store owners add YouTube videos to their created pages effortlessly. Here's what needs to be done:

Steps to add a YouTube video

Go to your AfterShip Page Builder admin
Select the page for which you want to add a YouTube video. Click the {...} icon and select Edit
Under the Page content settings, click Add section
Scroll to Media > Video > Add

You’ll see two sections:

Text: Enter the content that you want to show for the Header and Description of the video
Video: Provide the YouTube video URL and choose the Display ratio and Display width from the dropdown menu as per your preference

Once you are done, check the Settings and styles > to ensure everything is looking good on the page

Drag-and-drop (drag handle) the video section to position the video as per your choice on the page

Hit the Update live page button to launch the changes to the live page

Your video will be displayed like this:

Updated on: 05/10/2023

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