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How to Create a Slideshow With AfterShip Page Builder


Delivering your message without creating boredom is the best way to catch shoppers' attention, which is why images with CTA buttons get preference over long content. With AfterShip Page Builder, you can create a slideshow to deliver more information without needing additional space on your store page. This help guide will explain the whole process, so pay attention.

Make sure you’re using our new editor, as it only supports the slideshow creation.

Steps to create a slideshow with AfterShip Page Builder

Log in to your AfterShip Page Builder account and choose the page on which you would like to have a slideshow

Click Add section and choose Slideshow from the section library > Click Add

Click the added slideshow section to see its settings

In the Slides section, you will see 3 entries by default. Decide how many slides you want to put on display. To customize each slide, click on it and take care of settings like:

Background: Add an image for the slide background and define the URL where you want store visitors to reach

Text: Decide what your slide should be conveying and put the content in the Header and Description fields accordingly

Button: Give your button a name and set its destination URL

Colors: Add colors to make the text and button look appealing

In the Layout section, set Content Alignment, Slide Width, and Slide Height for the layout of your slides

In the Content section, 3 checkboxes are available, and you need to decide which ones you would like to remain checked

Auto-play slides: It means each slide will be displayed automatically like a carousel

Show arrows: It means store visitors can check the next or previous slide using the right or left arrow

Indicator dots: It shows dots to indicate which slide the store visitor is currently viewing

Save your page and update the live page (if you have added the slideshow to an existing page). Otherwise, simply click Save and Publish

Important info

Change the order of slides by doing drag-and-drop

Click the Trash icon to delete a slide

There's so limit on adding slides, but you may ruin store visitors' experience if you add too many

For doubts, contact our chat support team now .

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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