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Add a Coupon in the ‘Form’ Block to Drive Faster Sales


Coupons are something that tempts prospects to make a purchase, even when there’s no plan for shopping. In front of significant profit, giving a lucrative discount is nothing, correct?

Well, AfterShip Page Builder makes page creation fun for Shopify users and also lets them add a coupon in the subscription form to boost their sales growth.

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👨‍💻 Steps to add a coupon in the ‘Form’ block

Go to your AfterShip Page Builder account’s dashboard and choose the page for which you want to add a coupon

Once selected, go to the ‘Content’ tab of the page and choose the ‘Form’ block (If you’ve already added it). Otherwise, add it by clicking on the ‘Add section’ option

Now, hit the radio button given for the ‘Enter manually’ option of the ‘Coupon’ section > Define the coupon code

In case you want to create urgency for prospects, select the radio button given for the ‘Show’ option of the ‘Countdown Timer’ section and then click on the ‘Custom style’ option to set preferred settings for the countdown timer. Otherwise, you can skip this step.

Check the content of your form mentioned under the ‘Form-Collect’ tab and modify it if you want. Now, switch to the ‘Form-Submit’ tab and enter the content that you want store visitors to see after they enter their email address to subscribe. For example:

Ta-da! It's done. Now, store visitors will get the coupon code as soon as they become your subscriber by providing their email address.

👀 Why is my coupon code not working?

It happens when you don’t add the coupon code in your Shopify store’s settings. So, follow these steps:

Go to your Shopify store’s ‘Discounts’ section > Click on the ‘Create discount code’ option

Mention the code that you’ve defined in AfterShip Page Builder in the first field and then set the remaining fields as per your preference. For example:

Tap on the ‘Save discount code’ option to make your coupon active for shoppers

In case you still need some help regarding the activation of coupons, get assistance from our chat support team now

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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